Experience the Best of Blues Music at the Ealing Blues Festival in London

Are you a fan of blues music? If so, you won't want to miss out on the Ealing Blues Festival in London. This amazing event takes place over two days - Saturday 20th July and Sunday 21st July 2024 - and is part of the Ealing Summer Festival, which also includes the Ealing Jazz Festival and the Ealing Comedy Festival. Located in the beautiful riverside town of Upton upon Severn, in Worcestershire, the Upton Blues Festival has become a festival that fills the city with thousands of music fans. The founding of the first British club dedicated to electric blues, The Ealing Blues Club, on March 17, 1962 by Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies was the catalyst that triggered the blues boom of the 60s and, later, British rock music. The Iridium is an emblematic place for music, famous for being the ideal destination to get up close and personal with the best rock, jazz and blues artists in the world.

If you're looking to attend this amazing event, you'll need to purchase tickets in advance. Prices vary depending on the event but start at 27€. There is no camping available at this festival, but there are plenty of hotels and hostels nearby. You'll also need to agree to pay any costs derived from attending and to compensate for any costs you incur in this regard.

The name “EALING BLUES FESTIVAL” is the intellectual property of THE EALING CLUB COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY and is licensed to the London Borough of Ealing & The Event Umbrella free of charge to promote “live music” in the district. So if you're a fan of blues music or just looking for a great weekend away then make sure you don't miss out on this amazing event! Tickets are on sale now with prices that vary depending on the event, starting at 27€. Don't wait too long though - get your tickets now before they sell out!.

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